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About Valerie Lapp Communications.

For over 20 years, Valerie Lapp has created, led, instigated, challenged and conquered in the ever-changing world of communications.

Armed with a Ryerson University Journalism degree, Valerie Lapp quickly took on the flip side of communications as CBS Records’ youngest-ever national publicity manager. There she grappled with media demands for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan while attempting to tempt the media with up and coming Canadian musicians like Platinum Blonde and Barney Bentall.

Marketing Manager.

Later, as a marketing manager for BMG Music, Valerie found ingenious ways to bring alternative music to alternative people (new age, new jazz, children's music) created major brand impact with platinum-selling music compilations (MuchDance, Groove Station) and developed BMG’s online presence in the infancy of the Internet.

Not-for-Profit Communications.

Valerie managed communications at Variety The Children’s Charity in Ontario for several years, and has served on local arts organization boards and community volunteer committees.

Drawing from these varied and enriching experiences, Valerie Lapp Communications now serves business organizations and non-profits alike with strategic vision and creative spirit, combined with the ability to write, design and produce the print, broadcast and online materials required to make any plan come to life.

Museum Marketing.

Working with the Ontario Museum Association has inspired Valerie to create marketing, brainstorming and tools-development workshops specifically targeted to museums and cultural organizations.

Making it Green.

She also encourages her clients to pursue green approaches to their marketing and business practices, and developed a successful marketing campaign to position Music Manufacturing Services as the premier supplier of environmentally friendly CD packaging in North America.

The Social Media Challenge.
Valerie is also beginning to shape social media strategies and practices for her clients, carefully weighing the value of the incredible potential for audience interaction against the restraints of time and personnel.

Sharing the Passion.
Valerie loves to share the secrets, tools and excitement of marketing and communications in all its many forms, and has conducted many marketing seminars and workshops. She is also currently a Professor at Durham College.

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